We have started looking into how Blockchain technology can be utilized in Tale of Toast, and as a way to do offer our players some direct advantages we have collaborated with High Performance Blockchain.
High Performance Blockchain has kindly provided Tale of Toast with more than 30 000 HPB (a cryptocurrency) that players can earn in-game by doing the following:

  • Killing Enemies (10% chance to get 0.01 - 0.02 HPB)
  • Gathering Materials (10% chance to get 0.01 - 0.02 HPB)
  • Looting Chests (100% chance to get 0.1 - 0.25 HPB)
  • Killing Bosses (100% chance to get 0.1 - 1 HPB)

This means that by simply playing the game, you are able to obtain cryptocurrency. These coins can then be used as payment for Crumbs, kept or traded on Exchanges against other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Moving forward we plan to utilize their Hardware Random Number Generator functionality, to for example ensure fully fair loot that players can verify.
We are also planning to add "HRC-721 tokens" used for in-game collectibles, along with new use cases for HPB in-game such as players using HPB coins to take part in races and other competitions where the winner receives the pot.

To see some of the current integrations, check out this video:

There is also a limited edition Pet available for the coming four weeks for all players. To obtain it all you need to do is have a word with Hurder in Brightwyn, near the campfire.
The pet is tradable, and you will not drop it on death even if you have PvP enabled.


  • General

    • Integrated High Performance Blockchain into the game.
    • Added five new quests in Brightwyn.
    • Increased loot distance by 33%.
    • The first seven levels now require 20% less XP.
    • Right clicking on an enemy no longer auto attacks by default, but is available as an option to enable.
    • Enabled Scroll of Rebirth in the Crumbs shop again.
    • Enemies no longer aggro the players if they are 6 levels above the enemy.
    • Seasonal Events are now automatically enabled and disabled.
    • There is now a brief text guide the first time you enter the game.


  • General

    • Chests now contain items again
    • Alexa event is now playing correctly on New Year's Eve
    • Fireworks now display correctly on New Year's Eve
    • Players with corrupted coordinates should no longer start in the "void" but at the starting location
    • Pets are working again
    • Fixed issue with dungeons not spawning correctly

Player misbehaving in chat?

We want to remind everyone there are rules in place regarding behavior around Tale of Toast.
Type /rules when entering the game to see the rules, but one of the most important rules are:
Respect fellow users: Insulting, Harassment, hatespeech, raging arguments, etc is not tolerated.

If you spot a player misbehaving, do Not engage. Ignore them (click on the name and hit ignore), and then press the same player and the "Report" button.
This will send the chat over to our in-game moderators, who will then look into the issue.


Feel free to head over to our Discord, if you want to have a chat with some of the other players or developers: https://discord.gg/taleoftoast