Hello! I hope you all have been doing alright during this crazy year.

First I'd like to apologize for the slow progress on Tale of Toast. I have not been able to spend any time since the last update in April to work on the game until now.

Over the past month I have started working on an experimental build of the game that will completely change combat and various other features, hopefully for the better. It's still a ways away from being a fully functioning version of Toast, but progress on it is going ok for now. I feel that the game could be a lot more fun with this new combat style, and I hope to make improvements on the existing features that are going to remain in the game.

If you would like to try the new version as I work on it, head over to our Discord server for more information (link at the bottom).

Anyway, here's a very small update that fixes a crafting issue and adds a simple change to dual-wielding weapons. Enjoy and stay safe!


  • General
    • When skipping quest dialogue, the chat box is now filled with the remaining text from the conversation.
    • The City Invasion event is now disabled.
    • Off-hand weapons now attack independently from the main-hand, so dual wielding weapons is now more effective.


  • General
    • Crafting an item using Magic Crystals in both slots should now produce the correct result

Player misbehaving in chat?

We want to remind everyone there are rules in place regarding behavior around Tale of Toast.
Type /rules when entering the game to see the rules, but one of the most important rules are:
Respect fellow users: Insulting, Harassment, hatespeech, raging arguments, etc is not tolerated.

If you spot a player misbehaving, do Not engage. Ignore them (click on the name and hit ignore), and then press the same player and the "Report" button.
This will send the chat over to our in-game moderators, who will then look into the issue.


Feel free to head over to our Discord, if you want to have a chat with some of the other players or developers: https://discord.gg/taleoftoast