• General

    • Event bosses that grant rewards upon killing them will now give the rewards to dead players that were fighting it within a certain range
    • Increased player run speed by 31%
    • Adjusted monster run speeds due to player run speed increase
    • Added some equipment as rewards to quests
    • Clicking to move will now make your character stand up if you are sitting
    • Skill resets now cost gold instead of scrolls
    • Shader Grass has been removed due to incompatibility issues
    • The maximum amount of skill points a player can have has been increased to 48 (up from 32)
    • Players now gain more skill points per level at lower levels and less at higher levels
    • Right-clicking a target will make you move towards it and attack, similar to looting items
    • World events are now announced on our Discord server in the #events channel


  • General

    • Pet tooltips should now be working again
    • Crusader armor set pieces from Florin Monastery have been renamed due to a conflict with another dungeon set
    • Killing players in a battleground area should no longer count as a PvP kill
    • Walking now works with click to move

Player misbehaving in chat?

We want to remind everyone there are rules in place regarding behavior around Tale of Toast.
Type /rules when entering the game to see the rules, but one of the most important rules are:
Respect fellow users: Insulting, Harassment, hatespeech, raging arguments, etc is not tolerated.

If you spot a player misbehaving, do Not engage. Ignore them (click on the name and hit ignore), and then press the same player and the "Report" button.
This will send the chat over to our in-game moderators, who will then look into the issue.


Feel free to head over to our Discord, if you want to have a chat with some of the other players or developers: