• General
    • Added more loot to Slither (rare mob)
    • Reduced amount of shards given when breaking crystals down via Alchemy
    • /dice no longer follows emote restrictions and can be used at any time
    • Crafting higher quality items will grant more xp (e.g. a blue will grant more xp than a green with similar material costs)
    • Disabled automatic quest window popup
    • Implemented some new quests that continue the main questline in Seven Oaks
    • Every Florin Arena boss is now spawned during the event after the previous boss is killed
    • Adjusted how tombstones are spawned to try to avoid steep slopes, allowing players to reach them if dying on a cliffside (sometimes)
    • After defeating a boss in a dungeon, a graveyard is added as a "checkpoint" to that location
    • Flying mounts are now a thing
    • Added option to toggle disenchantment confirmation (default: off)
    • Added option to toggle attack menu on mobs (default: off)
    • Adjusted the healing values on health and mana potions to make them more useful


  • General
    • Fixed a crafting issue when attempting to craft materials with the amount value set to 0
    • Fixed the Fire Shard recipe in Alchemy

Player misbehaving in chat?

We want to remind everyone there are rules in place regarding behavior around Tale of Toast.
Type /rules when entering the game to see the rules, but one of the most important rules are:
Respect fellow users: Insulting, Harassment, hatespeech, raging arguments, etc is not tolerated.

If you spot a player misbehaving, do Not engage. Ignore them (click on the name and hit ignore), and then press the same player and the "Report" button.
This will send the chat over to our in-game moderators, who will then look into the issue.


Feel free to head over to our Discord, if you want to have a chat with some of the other players or developers: