• General
    • Quests that award items can no longer be completed if the player's inventory is full
    • Hit chance has returned! Equipment items now have a hit rating that increases your chance to land hits when attacking targets
    • Reduced global skill cooldown when swapping weapons down to 1 second (previously 10 seconds)
    • Added new crystal gathering nodes around the world which don't require any tradeskills to collect
    • Added info about losing equipment items on death when reaching the appropriate level and also in the new player guide
    • Mouse Sinew is now stackable
    • Enchanting recipes have been added to mob loots
    • Reduced duration on concussion to 5 seconds at rank 5 (down from 10 seconds)
    • Players can now purchase 6 additional bank tabs with crumbs, making the total up to 12 tabs
    • Increased melee weapon damage bonus on Two-Handed Mastery skill to 40/80/120/160/200 % (up from 20/40/60/80/100 %)

  • Crafting
    • All crafted items can now be made within 3 seconds after hitting the craft button regardless of amount
    • Amount of materials to craft can be manually set
    • The ability to add quality to items while crafting has been removed
    • High quality crafting materials have been removed (your materials will still be there, they will only lose the +number)
    • Crafted items have gained a slight stat boost to make them better than randomly found items
    • Players can no longer craft recipes that are higher level than their current trade skill
    • New crystal items can now be applied when crafting equipment to guarantee certain attributes
    • Equipment items can now have a new crafting attribute applied, which will give you higher chances at crafting equipment with high stat values

  • New Tradeskill: Enchanting
    • New disenchantment scrolls can now be crafted which will allow players to destroy items and turn them into enchanting materials
    • Attempting to enchant equipment has a chance to break the item, requiring repair before the item can be used again
    • Craftable quality enchanting scrolls which can be applied to equipment items has replaced the old method of adding quality to items during crafting
    • Repair scrolls can be crafted to fix items that broke during an enchant attempt
    • Craftable stat enchanting scrolls will increase the stat values of an item when successfully applied
    • Added enchanting trainers to major towns


  • General
    • Using self-buff abilities will no longer anger nearby guards
    • Guards should no longer randomly attack you when respawning
    • Phat gathering nodes should now properly give you increased tradeskill XP
    • Fixed the close button for the mailbox UI
    • Fixed an XP farming issue
    • Dead NPCs are no longer visible when entering scope
    • NPCs now properly reset when being unable to reach their target
    • Fixed an issue with being able to endlessly stun a target
    • Fixed a terrain issue in No Man's Land
    • Fixed locations of extra bank tab slot buttons

Player misbehaving in chat?

We want to remind everyone there are rules in place regarding behavior around Tale of Toast.
Type /rules when entering the game to see the rules, but one of the most important rules are:
Respect fellow users: Insulting, Harassment, hatespeech, raging arguments, etc is not tolerated.

If you spot a player misbehaving, do Not engage. Ignore them (click on the name and hit ignore), and then press the same player and the "Report" button.
This will send the chat over to our in-game moderators, who will then look into the issue.


Feel free to head over to our Discord, if you want to have a chat with some of the other players or developers: